About KALU


To create handbag designs that reflect what women value most: time, functionality and self-expression.


KALU is a contemporary handbag and accessory brand that creates elevated essentials. Launching in Los Angeles in 2014 with four handbag designs, KALU has evolved into six collections with over eleven designs today. 

As a brand, KALU sets to bridge the gap between luxury and accessibility as well as fashion and sustainability. It is important to celebrate the notion that women want to enjoy a level of exclusivity and quality, while also being conscientious about how and where their products are being made. With this in mind, all KALU products are manufactured in the United States and materials are sourced ethically.

KALU is committed to the integrity of the creative and manufacturing process, so we produce two collections per year while offering capsule collections that introduce new colors and/or prints to existing collections. 

KALU understands that a woman wears many hats. In a span of her lifetime, she is daring, mindful of her time, fearless in her self-expression and appreciative of raw, effortless beauty. As KALU strives to uphold their commitment to mesh accessibility, luxury, self-expression and social consciousness, it is also the hope to empower women to “be bold and be uniquely you.”